greenI love our planet.  Where else do we live?  This is our mother who nurtured us from amoeba into the wonderful animals that we are now.  All of us, our brothers, sisters, parents, uncles, grandparents… we owe everything to our world.  Our insect friends, our mammal and reptilian friends, we all share this beautiful place we call Earth together, and it is up to us, as the most intelligent of the creatures, to keep checks on ourselves and not destroy this planet for the sake of all of us, not just humans.

Look at the oceans.  Think about how many animals live in there, big and small, smart and not so smart, agile and rough.  They live totally oblivious to the poisons we are dumping everyday into their water they breath.  We extract them by the millions, not for sport, but for greed.  We kill them, eat some of them, and waste a lot of them as well.  This is not okay.

Watch the squirrels and birds.  See them feed their young and nest in the trees.  Think about that next time you purchase a ream of paper.  How much forest life is destroyed so we can wastefully print with ink instead of digitize our work?  Think about how your children’s children may never see a squirrel if we continue down this horrid path.  Think about what we have done to ourselves, with the recent asbestos report and our own short-sighted building of homes.  Did you know that some of the ingredients in your deodorant, which is meant to help you sweat less, actually is one of the causes of excessive sweating?  Why are we not using biomass instead of all of these non-renewable energy sources?  This is ridiculous.

live greenThat’s what I Love This World is about.  It’s about changing minds and hearts.  It’s about introducing people to a new way of thinking by sharing amazing websites with them to check out and begin to learn.  For instance, did you know people in the city are contributing to reducing the need for fuel for transporting food by growing their own window garden?  They then can store this food in mason jars for later, rather than having to buy some vegetables that were shipped halfway across the continent.  These are just a few of the small ways that you can reduce the irresponsible use of oil and other destructive elements to our world.

For instance, I live on the west coast.  Do you?  Have you considered simply buying used discount furniture in Los Angeles?  This will keep a lot of new materials from having to be produced if we can reuse furniture.  Think about all of the industrial savings to be made here.  Buying any kind of used equipment or low cost and low impact materials is great for the environment’s health.

Keep checking back for more information about your’s and other’s ability to help save the planet.